Through years of experience, continuing education, hard work, and attention to detail, we have built a reputation for the highest quality repair work in all of Southern California. Our prices are not the lowest, nor are they the highest. We charge fair prices for quality workmanship, and we stand behind our work. If you want your repairs done properly, with a level of craftsmanship which comes only from a true love of the instrument, come to RedZone. We’ll take good care of you!

Repair Pricing

Minimum Bench Fee: $15

Truss rod adjustment: $15

Setup (does not include cost of strings):

  • Acoustic 6 string: $65
  • Acoustic 12 string:$75
  • Electric – non tremolo: $65
  • Electric – w/Fender or Bigsby style tremolo: $70
  • Electric – w/Floyd Rose trem: $80
  • Bass: $50

Fret Work:

Standard Fret Level: $100 (includes standard set up)

Fret (replacement) Job:

  • Standard frets – unbound rosewood board: $300
  • Standard frets – bound board: $350
  • EVO Gold frets – $75 upcharge
  • Stainless Steel frets – $100 upcharge

Fret jobs will usually necessitate the installation of a new nut. We will install a new bone or Tusq nut for $40 additional, if done at same time as fret job.


  • 6 string acoustic or non-trem electric: $12 (plus cost of strings)
  • 12 string: $20 (plus cost of strings)
  • Nylon String: $20 (plus cost of strings)
  • Electric w/Floyd Rose style trem: $25 (plus cost of strings)
  • Clean & oil fretboard, general cleaning: additional $10

Nut Replacement:

  • Tusq or Bone Nut: $60
  • 12 string nut: $75
  • Minor fill for height adjustment: $25
  • Brass nut: $80


Tuners Replacement Labor $30 & up (plus cost of tuners)


Re-solder of broken wire: $15 & up

Re-solder involving removal of pickguard: $30 & up

Potentiometer replacement: $20 (plus parts)

Each additional potentiometer: $10 (plus parts)

Push-Pull potentiometer installation: $30 (plus parts)


Pickup InstallationPassive: $40 (single pickup)

Each additional: $10

Active: $60 (single pickup)

Each additional: $10


Acoustic (LR Baggs or Fishman under saddle): $60

Soundhole (LR Baggs M1, M80, etc): $35


Broken Headstock Labor $100 & up (no refinish work included)

Acoustic Crack Repair: by quote